2014 Driver Standings

12 ElevenJeremy LOURENCO377
2ProductionAndrew WRIGHT358
3V6Jonathan WALKER345
42 ElevenXavier GEORGES343
5ProductionDave CARR309
6V6Philippe LOUP299
72 ElevenJean-Pierre GENOUD-PRACHEX294
8Exige CupNicholas FERRER289
92 ElevenAnthony FOURNIER281
10ProductionThomas DEHAIBE280
11OpenDavid HARVEY274
12V6Gregory RASSE273
13V6Thierry VERHIEST268
14OpenEric VAN'T OEVER259
142 ElevenNathalie GENOUD-PRACHEX259
14V6Nikolaj IPSEN259
17Exige CupChris LAROCHE248
17Exige CupFranck LAROCHE248
19V6Ike JANSSEN246
19V6Mike JANSSEN246
21ProductionKees VERSLUYS238
22ProductionJan CHRISTE228
222 ElevenBenoit ROGER227
24V6Nicholas WALKER226
252 ElevenJean-Baptiste LOUP210
26V6Olivier CUNAT194
27Exige CupDenis VANDENSAVEL189
28OpenCai CEDERHOLM188
29Exige CupYves COOREMAN180
30ProductionJonathan PACKER164
312 ElevenStephane VERMEERSCH158
32ProductionThierry HEDOIN117
33ProductionJean POTIER105
34ProductionPhilippe VANPEVENAEYGE96
35ProductionNicolas GAMBINI89
36V6Glenn SHERWOOD88
372 ElevenSven PETTERSSON86
382 ElevenJonathan PACKER81
39ProductionJason BAKER73
40ProductionSven PETTERSSON68
41ProductionJohn RASSE63
41ProductionLaurent FEVE63
432 ElevenChristophe LISANDRE59
44OpenBenedek MAJOR50
45OpenPhill CAPSTICK49
46ProductionMarkus NIKOWITSCH48
47ProductionAdrienn BENDE45
47OpenEgon BURKOS45
49OpenJack GOFF32
50ProductionGisella KETVEL20
51OpenRob FENN0
52ProductionSteve TRAIN0

 #99 Nikolaj Ipsen

Driver Information:

Works in architecture and design, and lives with his wife and 3 sons. Previous race experience is in karting with the boys, and 2 seasons of Lotus Cup Europe.

Nikolaj was the first Dane to win a Lotus Cup Europe race.