Mission Motorsport in our Lotus Elise

Mission Motorsport is a forces charity dedicated to turning lives around, taking Wounded, Injured and Sick personnel (WIS) from across the British Armed Forces and giving then hope, purpose and the skills needed to transition into work in civilian life.

They aim to inspire & rebuild confidence, help in the development of new & existing skills, provide training & direct vocational support & assistance, & help establish paths to employment. In their fourth year, they have helped over 500 personnel so far by inspiring and showing even badly disabled personnel that they can contribute to a team, they can enjoy things and they can have real purpose in life. They do this by introducing them to motorsport; they can spectate, be part of the huge teams that support a race or indeed compete themselves.


  • BBC F1’s Jake Humphrey Part 1
  • BBC F1’s Jake Humphrey Part 2
  • Barcelona 24, overtake, Pete Storey
  • Dubai 24, night lap, Pete Storey
  • Dubai 24 hour start – Simon Phillips
  • Qualification with James Knight