Lotus 211 GT4 Spec Rolling Chassis

£25,000   |   Location: Potterspury

E-mail: elise@lotrdc.com

This is a well know 211 that has raced in the Lotus series for the last few years. It is probably the most highly developed 211 in the world and cost well over £100k to build. I have now finished racing and ready to sell the car. Don’t mix this up with a standard 211, it is very quick.

New chassis in 2015
GT4 Roll Cage
GT4 Rear wing

Ohlin TTX36 inline dampers

Not included, Sequential gearbox, just refreshed (available by separate negotiation)
Not included Shiftec Paddleshift System (available by separate negotiation)
Not included Limited slip diff (available by separate negotiation)

Huge calipers
Bosh M4 Motorsport ABS
Philbeam pedal box

Not included Engine (available by separate negotiation)
Built Toyota 1.8 with forged steel pistons and rods, recently refreshed
Not included Charge cooled (available by separate negotiation)
Not included HKS Supercharger (available by separate negotiation)

Fire extinguisher
ATL dry break system
Sparco Ergo seat
Air jacks
Custom motorsport wiring loom
Motec PDM30 power distribution module
Motec switch panel
Not included Zircontex exhaust manifold (available by separate negotiation)
70 litre Bag tank
Cosworth dash with lap timing


The car has just been repainted yellow

And other things I have forgotten about

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New chassis in 2015

GT4 Roll Cage

GT4 Rear wing

Ohlin TTX36 inline dampers