Tyres – Avon ZZR

We strongly recommend all competitors to ‘scrub’ new tyres in. This helps increase a tyre life and also its consistency over long runs.
– More information on Avons Scrubbing in procedure.

Minimum cold starting pressure: 22psi (This is the pressure the tyre is set to prior to a session/ heat cycle). Running any lower than this could potentially damage the tyres sidewall construction. Avon Motorsport does not recommend specific starting pressures. This is due to the variables involved (i.e. track conditions, track and ambient temperatures, circuit layout, session length, driving characteristics).

Target hot pressure: 30psi (This is the optimum pressure for the tyre to be run at whilst at operating temperature). To obtain this target hot pressure there may be a requirement to start each tyre at different cold starting pressures; this is due to each tyre inevitably working at different levels. The cold starting pressure required to achieve the target hot pressure will depend on the variables stated above.

2017 Prices

Avon ZZR (+VAT)
195/50R15 – £102
195/50R16 – £120
225/45R16 – £133
225/45R17 – £145
215/40R17 – £142
225/40R18 – £158
265/35R18 – £205

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