Lotus Cup UK Speed Championship 2014

LotusCupUK_SPEED_CHAMPIONSHIP2014_CMYKAfter a successful return of sprinting to LoTRDC’s 2013 schedule, the four LoTRDC racing championships will be joined by the Lotus Cup UK Speed Championship in 2014, a sprint championship with ten rounds scheduled at venues across the country. Its aim is to introduce more enthusiasts into the world of competitive motorsport and is suitable to those with road cars and no previous motorsport experience, whilst keeping the same sensible approach towards venues and regulations that have seen so many Lotus owners compete for the first time.


After its own successful season the SELOC speed championship will be amalgamated with the LCUK series for 2014. This should benefit everyone attending, enhancing the social aspect of the events. Meanwhile those who seek a competitive environment will benefit from a larger championship with both Lotus groups combined. With joint promotion of the combined championship, we also expect it to be easier for Lotus owners to participate in sprinting from 2014 onwards.

Road going cars can participate in sprinting and you do NOT need a cage, fire extinguisher or harnesses in your car to take part.

There is more information on sprinting below and we have a forum for any questions on the LoTRDC forum – http://lotrdc.com/forum/.


What is Sprinting?

Sprinting is racing against the clock held at race circuits and specialised sprint tracks (such as Debden and North Weald). Cars start singly and are timed by electronic equipment accurate to 100th of a second. Cars compete in classes relative to their design, engine capacity and any modifications. Classes start with standard saloon cars and go through to Formula 1 type cars. This allows you to compete against cars of equal standing, giving everyone the chance of winning their class, with a special award for the overall fastest time of the day (FTD).


  • LoTRDC Sprinting membership will be just £20, includes spouse/partner.
  • LoTRDC mini race centre at each round – a central base with small marquee. We will provide someone to look after competitors at each round.
  • Lotus Cup UK Speed championship sun visor will be provided in addition to two professional door cards at first round.
  • LoTRDC will supply race numbers at each round.
  • Discounted pre-season LoT track day.
  • Drivers will be members of the Lotus on Track Racing Drivers Club and be issued with one pass which will give access to Lotus Cup UK races as well.
  • LoTRDC trophies – 1st, 2nd, 3rd for each class.


Road going cars can participate in sprinting; you do NOT need a cage, fire extinguisher or harnesses in your car to take part.

Championship regulations have been kept as simple as possible. We will police the regs in the spirit they are intended, this is a social series for enthusiasts. If you’re someone who wants power checked at each round or is going to whinge about us having some flexibility then we’d suggest this championship will not be for you. We can go the route of having 30 pages of regs as we do with our race series but this would not attract new people to motorsport as we would like to see in the sprint championship.

As with 2013 we will have 2 classes:

  • class LoTRDC 1 – Lotus road going cars with presumed power less than 151bhp at the hubs as measured by TDI* (Elise Trophy basic power). Single way dampers, standard interior. Cars must be road registered, MOT and taxed.
  • class LoTRDC 2 – Lotus cars running to Lotus Cup UK SuperSport base regs – S/C Toyota, modified K series/Toyota, Europa S and NA engine transplant cars**

Tyres will need to be List 1A or List 1B – preferred tyre is the Avon ZZR but you can run any List 1A or List 1B tyre.

*111R & S2 Exige NA will be allowed to run in Class 1 if in standard trim, maximum presumed power 172bhp at the hubs as measured by TDI.

** Owners of modified cars, especially those with a different engine to that originally supplied by Lotus should note the specific cage regulations for their cars. For the MSA Blue book sprinting regulations click here (PDF).

The championship is suitable for both beginners and experienced drivers.

PLEASE remember these events are supposed to be fun and aimed at getting Lotus Enthusiasts involved in motorsport. If you don’t like the regs being as simple and open as they are please don’t enter the championship.

Full championship regulations: Click Here (PDF)

What do I need?

Sprinting is regulated by the Motor Sports Association (MSA) and in order to compete there are certain requirements which must be followed. Firstly, you need to join an MSA affiliated car club such as LoTRDC which has a sprinting membership, you can then apply for an MSA Competition Licence. With that licence comes the MSA yearbook (The Blue Book) which contains a wealth of useful information. Mandatory safety requirements include the need for a Crash Helmet and Fire Resistant Overalls, both to minimum requirements.

The next stage is to get your car prepared to the minimum standards in order to pass scrutineering. At the beginning of every meeting, a scrutineer will check your car to ensure it complies with necessary safety regulations.

For the MSA Blue book sprinting regulations click here (PDF).

Obtaining an MSA licence

If you don’t already hold a race licence and are competing in a car that is currently licenced for use on the public highway and will compete in road-legal condition you need to apply for a NON RACE NATIONAL B licence. Those running in class 2 may need to apply for a SPEED NATIONAL A license depending on the specification of your car. In 2013 you need to complete the application form below and send it to the MSA with your payment of £42. You probably won’t need a medical and there’s no test – just apply, affix a picture to your licence – it’s that easy. If your car is not road legal please see section 7.1.5 of the MSA blue book.

For the 2013 application form click here (PDF).


Timing Strut – To enable your car to be timed it is mandatory to fit a Timing Strut to the front of the car. The strut must be mounted vertically so that it’s leading edge is the furthest forward point. It must be of solid material (ie metal or wood) and matt black. It must be 51mm wide, 254mm high with 200mm ground clearance. It must be in place when presenting the car for scrutineering.

Crash Helmet – A crash helmet must be worn during competition and the following standards are accepted : FIA 8860-2004; SNELL SAH2010, SA2010, SA2005, SA2000; BS 6658 Type A/FR; SFI Foundation 31.1A, 31.2A.

Race Suit – Flame resistant overalls in Proban or Nomex are required. Acceptable standards are: FIA 8856-2000; FIA 1986 Standard. These standards are clearly marked on the overalls. Flame resistant gloves to ISO 6940 standard are also required. Flame resistant boots/trainers, socks, balaclavas and underwear are recommended.

Yellow electrical tape – A small amount of yellow electrical tape. You will need to cover the battery earth. We will always have a spare, just ask before going to scrutineering.

Ignition off sticker – Just a small sticker to show which way to turn your ignition off. We will have these for you at each round.

Essential equipment to take with you on the day – Tyre pressure gauge; Foot pump or equivalent; Oil; Coolant; Cable ties; Gaffa tape; assortment of tools(wheel-nut wrench etc.); plastic sheet/drip tray(for oil leaks). If you’ve room a jack & axle stands are recommended.

On the day

Before leaving home, make sure not to forget your licence etc., and it would be a good idea to pack some food & drinks in case there isn’t any available at the venue. Also important to bring your cars V5 if you are competing in a road going vehicle as this might be required to prove this.

On arrival park your car in the appropriate area and proceed to signing on with your appropriate documents (MSA Licence, Club card etc). After signing on you must then have your car passed by a scrutineer and preferably, walk the course prior to the first practice runs. It is advisable to arrive early to allow enough time for all these things (Generally you should allow to get to the course between 1 and 2 hours before the first practice run).

You are now ready to compete and just have to wait for your practice runs to be called before proceeding to the start. It is important that you listen to and obey all marshals and officials on the day.

Depending on the event you will normally get the opportunity to have 2 timed practice runs followed by between 2 and 4 timed runs. The fasted timed run will count.

Once on the start line, it is up to you, so put your foot down and go for it!


Entry forms and payment options are available Here.

Having filled in entry/reg form, membership fee, entry fee & technical document, you will normally receive final instructions on what you should be doing in the week prior to the event via email. The final instructions usually give details of all of the entries in class and number order, which enables you to have your numbers ready in time for the event. They also detail the timetable for the day, where you should park on arrival and when to arrive etc. LoTRDC will provide numbers for those accepted into the LoTRDC classes. We may also provide some sponsor decals that drivers will be required to display during the sprint; details will be given after the first event.

Refund Policy: click here