6 April 2014 Snetterton

Round sponsor – ES Motorsport

ES Motorsport


Entry on the gate, on the day. FREE entry for children under 13.

For more info http://www.snetterton.co.uk/calendar/2014/april/msvr.aspx

Circuit information & travel info

Snetterton has undergone somewhat of a renaissance during the recent years following a multi-million pound redevelopment project at the start of 2011, which was met with rave reviews from both spectators and competitors alike.

Drawing inspiration from iconic motorsport corners such as Monza’s Parabolica and the Montreal Hairpin, the Snetterton 300 circuit hosts the British Touring Car Championship, British Superbike Championship and British F3 and GT Championships.

In addition to racing, Snetterton is a popular test track and has been used to develop a host of vehicles including the Williams F1-designed Formula Two car and various Le Mans machinery including the iconic Deltawing.

The sprint course will run on the 300 circuit from the start line until 300 metres before the bridge.

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Sprint entry & additional information


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Driver entry lists for this round


Xavier Brooke - Elise S1 111S #$~T

Rob Clark - Elise S2 #$~T

Martin Donnelly - Elise S1 Sport 160 #$~T

Karen Harvey - Elise S2 #$~T

Guillaume Kerboul - Elise S1 #$~T

Andrew Long - Elise S1 Sport 160 $~T

Andy Napier - Elise S1 or S2 135R #$~T

Emma Newman - Elise S2 #$~T

Tracy Oakley - Elise S2 111S #$~T

Mads Petersen - Elise R #$~T

Andrew Pidgeon - Elise S2 K Series #$~T

David Pollard - Elise S2 'K Series' Sports Tourer #$~T

Steve Porter - Elise S2 #$~T

Martin Scarfe - Elise S2 120 Rover #$~T

Gary Thwaites - Elise S1 #$~T

Colin Towns - Elise S1 #$~T


Mark Dean - Elise S2 SC #$~T

Nick Emery - Elise S1 #$~T

Duncan Fraser - Elise S1 Sport 190 #$~T

John LaMaster - Elise 111S #$~T

Kriss Laroche - Elise S1 #$~T

Kym Leatt - Elise S1 Type R #$~T

Sam Leatt - Elise S1 Type R #$~T

David Mann - Elise S2 #$~T

David Saunders - Exige S2 #$~T

John Taylor - Exige S1 #$~T

Jason Weatherall - Elise S1 #$~T

Russell Whitworth - Europa S #$~T


Entries are subject to full payment & availability – # – Paid, $ – Membership fee rec’d, ~ – Entry/Reg form rec’d, T – Tech doc rec’d